We are an architectural office


We do architectural and specialties projects in Portugal.

We based in Almada and Lisbon

Somos um gabinete de arquitetura


Realizamos projetos de arquitetura e especialidades.

Promovemos licenciamentos e obras.


What we do ?


We do studies in order to fulfill our customers' objective.


We design the space to detail taking into account deadlines and economic control. Architecture and specialties.


We supervise the works on behalf of our client and all entities, enforcing the projects and deadlines.


We are licensing specialists. We deal with the procedures quickly with the City Halls and other entities

Studies and advices

Our team has the technical ability to issue studies and advise in different areas and for different purposes. 

Landscape Architecture

We specialize in landscape architecture. More.



Where we work

We are an architecture office in Almada but we have projects all over the country but especially in the metropolitan area of Lisbon (riverside municipalities on the Tagus River) and municipalities of the Setúbal Peninsula, but also in the North, Alentejo and Algarve.

About Us

We are an architecture office in Almada, coordinated by architect Bruno Rosa and specializing in the creation of flexible environments that are adaptable to different uses.

Our mission is to present you with varied solutions in the field of architecture and construction. If you want to hire an architect in Lisbon or in the neighboring municipalities, count on our team. We promise maximum involvement in the client's reality, seeking to materialize concepts with innovative responses that follow a space aesthetic.

We work in various areas such as small and medium architectural projects, building rehabilitation, interior architecture or installation of commercial activities. We have accumulated experience in handling urban operations and licensing.

The Name

The term arkhi derives from the Greek word arkhitektôn that gave rise to the word architect. Arkhi (main) / tectonic (construction) which means something like "main builder" or "foreman"

Bruno  Rosa

Effective member architect of the Order of Architects since 2012, prepares studies and projects of architecture, direction and supervision of works.

Has experience in the instruction and monitoring of urban licensing in housing, commerce, private medical clinics, services, industries, with licensing entities.

Created arkhi in 2011 where he provides architecture, design, licensing and construction services.